Future Projects

The Automatic Bakery for Pita Bread Production Project

Takfik Namati Organization is currently carrying out a fully automated bakery project to start producing 3000 loaf of pita bread up to 5000 loaf per hour. Around 30,000 Loaf to 50,000 Loaf per shift of 10 hours.

This is considered the 1st project by Takfik Namati Organization with net profit directed entirely to serve the disabled and their families.

This project needs hiring around 6 human resources, including 4 disabled persons. 

The project also aims to create job opportunities for the disabled, to get a reasonable income that covers their living expenses.

The project needs around 15,000 Egyptian Pound daily for Row Material & Operation (Labors, Electricity, Gas, Rent, Maintenance, … etc.)

The project costs around 700,000 Egyptian Pounds.

The Net profit after 6 months is expected to be 119,000 Egyptian Pound, after covering the monthly expenses. This amount should directly cover the pathological cases, surgeries, financial support for the families in need, and the educational services for the disabled.

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