Our Founder

He was born in Shoubra 10 February 1960 from a family consists of seven members and he is the youngest, he married in America in 1992 to Mrs. Tereza Rezk, who gave birth to his only daughter in 1994 (Suzanna Rezk).

He has several exhibitions in the field of photographic art in the East and West. he is permanently resident in America, on 7 April each year, Asika city in New York state celebrates the day of Dr.Nazih Rezk as a tribute to his art and to his talent as well. Besides, he is the second person from the Arab republic of Egypt after the late president Anwar Al-Sadat gets Kennedy gold medal from the Kennedy Center for arts from Washington DC.

He also holds many awards from all over the world as well as the keys of global cities, including the Gold Medal of the Al-Ahram newspaper in 1995, he is the artist Dr. Nazih Rezk who is renowned as the first one founded the technology of senses school in the world; additionally, he has students from

several countries including France Sweden Germany Italy Ireland America and also Australia. He is the first lecturer teaches how to use the remaining senses without sight for blind and non-blind.

And his specific academic writings in the field of technology of senses explains and teaches how anyone can use the camera without the abstract eye and access to the professionalism and speed of image capture and also discrimination in the composition of the painting.


He is One of those who lived and experienced these troubles so his feelings moved to change this painful experiences and think what he can do with those tempted persons like him? And who are granted God’s blessings with special disabilities which classified them as physically challenged; thence he decided to launch Takfik Namati organization where is mainly headquartered in California in 2012, then he founded its second branch in Cairo Egypt, 2013.

Artist Dr. Nazih Rezk works hard to keep on physically challenged service in middle east to provide everyone from those who are physically challenged, on earth, with his or her dreams.

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