Our Organization

“By the Disabled for The Disabled”

Takfik Namati founded on the vision of one man who wanted to help the disabled and less fortunate. A man who would understand the hurdles and perils of living a disabled life, be it physically or mental.  A man who’s vision was far beyond his physical realm because he himself was blind, Dr. Nazih Rezk.

Takfik Namati TNTV was founded in America as a “Media Service Nonprofit organization – under 501C3 (IRS)” Serving the disabled to the Middle East in 2012.

Takfik Namati Egypt was registered as a “Service Organization with a number 11028” under the Ministry of Social Solidarity, to provide the same type of services for all the disabled people in the region.

Takfik-Namati has been formerly instigated by a group of disabled people aiming to serve and support the disabled. They have established the foundation with their own efforts, fund, and skills. They had full confidence on their abilities and determination that gave them the hope and ambition that have been manifested in their exceptional results.


Serving the disabled (Means of transport, medical aspects, family consciousness, development projects, Recreational clubs, artistic regards) in United States and the Middle East, without referring to color, gender, race, or religion and paving the way for them to explore all these fields.

Takfik Namati resists anybody or institution that exploits people with disabilities, instead of rendering them due services.


Takfik Namati has a heart for serving all kinds of the disabled and expand the service all over the world, raise their awareness and highlight their problems to the community and integrate them in the society. 

Takfik Namati endeavor to extend their care to approximately 17% of the Egyptian population that are suffering from disabilities, around 18 million of about 105 million.